Antiperspirants cause breast cancer.

  Women keep hearing that antiperspirants cause breast cancer. This myth first entered the rumor mill in the form of an email back in the 1990s. It seems to resurface every year or so...and it's making the rounds again.

  The rumors claim that antiperspirants contain toxins which are absorbed through the skin and build up in the lymph nodes near the breasts. They go on to say that antiperspirants keep a person from "sweating out toxins," leading to high concentrations, which supposedly lead to cell mutations and cancer.

  Explain to patients that sweat glands are NOT connected to the lymph nodes. And although lymph nodes may help clear some toxins, perspiring is not the body's main avenue for ridding itself of toxins. Toxins will not build up in the arm pit. They will be carried away in the circulatory system to be eliminated by the liver and kidney.

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