Compare Xofluza to Tamiflu for Treating the Flu

Xofluza (zoh-FLOO-zuh, baloxavir) will be the first new oral antiviral for treating influenza in nearly 20 years.

Think of Xofluza as an alternative to oseltamivir (Tamiflu).

A big difference is Xofluza is ONE oral dose...compared to 5 days of BID oseltamivir. Xofluza also seems to cause less nausea and vomiting.

Xofluza has a new antiviral mechanism. But either Xofluza or oseltamivir only reduces flu symptoms by about a day in otherwise healthy patients...if started within 48 hours of onset.

Plus there's limited or no evidence for Xofluza in the high-risk patients who benefit most from antivirals...such as those under age 2 or 65 and older, with chronic conditions (asthma, etc), or pregnant women.

And some experts are concerned about early suggestions of Xofluza resistance. It's too soon to say how this will pan out clinically.

Xofluza will cost about $150...versus about $100 for 5 days of generic oseltamivir. Point out that some payers may not cover Xofluza.

For now, recommend sticking with oseltamivir to treat flu in high-risk or severely ill patients...and starting ASAP after symptom onset.

Don't feel compelled to recommend any antiviral for most otherwise healthy patients. Instead suggest rest, fluids, analgesics, etc.

But if these patients insist, it's okay to consider Xofluza instead of oseltamivir in those 12 and older...IF they can start within 48 hours.

Advise not to take Xofluza at the same time as dairy or products with calcium, aluminum, iron, etc...these may impair Xofluza's absorption.

Don't recommend combining antivirals...or using another antiviral if the first doesn't help. There's no evidence to support this.

Continue to emphasize flu vaccination to help PREVENT the flu.

Suggest oseltamivir if high-risk patients need an antiviral for prophylaxis. So far, Xofluza is only for TREATING flu.

Use our chart, Antivirals for Influenza, for Xofluza dosing...and to see how the Relenza (zanamivir) inhaler compares.

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Pharmacist's Letter. Dec 2018, No. 341201

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